The Finished "SQ" Gate
The "SQ" gate is a product of which we are extremely proud. It is yet another example of the philosophy of the FFC family of businesses: Do things better, and do them with pride.

The "SQ" gate addresses the following problems that we have observed with other livestock gates:

FFC "SQ" Gates

Superior Quality - SQuare Frame
1. The gates are designed to be installed level with the top of a fence, yet still have enough clearance to swing in the presence of snow or bedding build up.
2. The hinge system on the 'SQ" gate is designed to eliminate gate sag caused by the bottom hinge twisting on the gate.
3. The use of galvanized tubing provides a long lasting, attractive gate with no rust and no need to re-paint.
4. The square tubing of the "SQ" gate gives it much more lateral strength than a round tube gate of the same weight.
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