The Fabrication Process
The fabrication begins with the galvanized tubing being cut to length on a custom designed, automated jig that assures that each and every length of tubing is the precise length needed. The cut tubing lengths are then staged in holding areas that are labeled for each length gate. From there the tubing is moved to the welding jig. This jig is custom designed to allow the tubing lengths to be clamped tightly in a quickly adjustable table. The "SQ" welding jig not only assures that each welded connection is square and true, but also allows for the rotation of the entire table for more easy access to all areas that require welding.

After the welding is complete the gate is cleaned, a high quality zinc rich paint is used to coat the welded areas. The gates are then bundled in groups of 10, using rust-free strapping, for shipment to our retailers or sold directly to livestock owners throughout the Midwest. The result is a precise, clean, durable, and rust resistant gate that will last for years.

FFC "SQ" Gates

Superior Quality - SQuare Frame
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Tubing being cut for another order of "SQ" gates
Setting up our custom
"SQ" welding jig
An order of "SQ" gates being readied for shipping
Horse gate Cattle gate Pasture gate
sq003003.jpg sq003002.jpg sq003001.jpg