The Design Process
After doing load testing of many round tube gates, it was determined that a way was needed to increase the strength of our "SQ" gate without increasing the weight to such an amount as to prevent it from being installed on a normal fence. Because of its superior strength and resistance to rust, galvanized square tubing was chosen as the material from which the "SQ" gate would be built. After considerable searching, a reliable tube mill, with high performance standards, was found and an agreement was struck.

Next, a new hinge was designed to be used with a square tube gate. This hinge had to be heavy duty, as well as galvanized so as to avoid rust. A fabricator was found and contracted as the "SQ" hinge producer.

To control cost by increasing production, while not increasing man hours used, a spinnable and adjustable welding jig was designed and built on which to produce the "SQ" gate.

While it seems like a few easy steps, the actual time in design turned out to be over a year. With the design portion of this endeavor complete, it was time to begin production.

FFC "SQ" Gates

Superior Quality - SQuare Frame
A load was placed on a round tube gate, then an "SQ" gate
Round tube gate failed at
9 - 60# bags of sackrete
(540 lbs.)
The "SQ" gate showed no
failure at 18 - 60# bags
(1080 lbs.)
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Horse gate Cattle gate Pasture gate
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